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Michael LaPointe - Chief Awesome
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"The Camera Club" is a blog dedicated to helping people get involved with, and making the best out of, photography / camera clubs. 

My name is Michael LaPointe, and I have been a professional photographer since 1994. During that time I have been a part of some great photography groups, both formal and informal. While most of the groups I belonged to were fun and informative, others seemed to lack direction, motivation, or simply just any idea of what to do. 

When people ask me how I learned photography, I tell them that the reason I have achieved any competence at all in taking a picture, was by hanging out with more talented photographers who weren't afraid to share their knowledge with me. People like Michael Obradavich, Michael Rosen, Richard Bublitz, Kevin Jarstead, John Paul Greco, Don Southbound, Jeff Scott, and Scott Detweiler are the reason I can pick up a camera 20 years later, and still have a vague idea of what I'm doing. Some of these people I met in my travels, some I met in organized groups, but they were all, unwittingly or not, my teachers.

So, that said, I encourage everyone interested in photography to join a group of like minded people, and to make that group as fun, educational, inviting, and rewarding as possible.

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