Sunday, January 25, 2015

Ten discussions to have during your next club meeting

No matter what kind of group you belong to, there are bound to be people with differences of opinion.. garden clubs may argue over the best way to fertilize flowers. Dungeons and Dragons clubs might argue over which set of rules to use (I think the Basic Boxed set gives you everything you need to run a fun campaign.) Wine Tasting clubs might argue over proper tasting methods. And of course, if you belong to a model train club, there is the controversial topic of what the best gauge is. 

So, here is a quick list of topics guaranteed to get a (sometimes heated) conversation going at your next club meeting, or even if you are having coffee (or a few beers) with a couple photography friends.

*disclaimer - not responsible for punched noses or hurt feelings if any of these topics are discussed. Have conversations at your own risk.
  1. What is the best online photo sharing site?
  2. How to incorporate your hobby into a business, and what's with those people that don't?
  3. Who are some Photographers / Artists that influenced you?
  4. RAW is just for people that can't get it right in camera the first time / Professionals don't shoot JPG
  5. When I was your age, all we had was C-41 and E-6, AND WE WERE HAPPY TO HAVE THEM!
  6. Should "Citizen" Photojournalists have the same rights as "Professional" Photojournalists?
  7. Why a 1980's "Disk" camera can't use a CF or SD card.
  8. How did you get started in photography? My story starts with, "In 1988, I was working in the stockroom of JC Penney when I noticed..."
  9. I can do the same thing with my Alien Bees that you can do with your Profotos
  10. and the most controversial at all... Nikon or Canon?

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