Wednesday, June 8, 2016

2016 Racine Camera Club Scavenger Hunt

Each year, the Racine Camera Club hosts a scavenger hunt that is open to the public. Feel free to use these subjects for your own competition if you like!

  1. Hip To Be Square – Have the subject of your photo be a SQUARE! OK, rectangles are ok too. A TV, side of a building or box. Is it in the shape of a square? That’ll do!
  2. The Fab Photo – The Beatles recorded over 300 songs. Use one of them as the title and subject of your photo. Go HERE for a list of Beatles songs. No solo efforts. It must be a Beatles song.
  3. Take A Dirty Picture – OK, calm down.. it isn’t what you’re thinking. A dirt covered car, a messy baby face, a muddy dog, that’s the type of thing we are looking for.
  4. Take a Photo! Stat! – The subject of your image should be something related to medicine. A pile of aspirin, a band aid, a wheelchair, an arm in a cast, a sphygmomanometer. Doctored photos are ok… HAR!
  5. Photo du Chapeau – A sombrero, Fedora, a tam o’shanter, let’s see your best picture of a hat.
  6. Perception of Doors – To paraphrase William Blake, “If the doors of perception are cleansed, you’ll win this challenge!” Be it on a mansion, on a cabinet, or on a cuckoo clock; or just a gate on a fence, impress us with a great door picture.
  7. Shibboleth - A noun meaning a peculiarity of pronunciation, behavior, mode of dress, etc., that distinguishes a particular class or set of persons. That… Make a picture of that.
  8. Dilapidated – Show us something that is broken down, ramshackle, decrepit, shabby, or simply in disrepair.
  9. Unpack Your Adjectives – Your title should be, and your picture should illustrate, your favorite adjective.
  10. Looking Out My Backdoor – Find something in your backyard, or even your front yard, that will make a great image!
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